Automated Chart Notes For Clinicians

Notes By Lucy is a HIPPA compliant AI that creates chart notes from audio recordings of clinicians' sessions or descriptions of sessions.

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Notes By Lucy has 3 simple steps

1. Create a password protected profile

2. Record your session or describe your session

3. Confirm your notes or tell Lucy how to update them

Notes By Lucy's mission:

Give clinicians their own personal assistant

You wanted to be a therapist but suddenly your a social media manager, content creator, marketing director, copywriter, accountant, graphic designer, videographer, web developer, SEO specialist, bookkeeper and investor.

Want to get to know Lucy?

  1. Why the idea for Lucy?
    Our partners and best friends are clinicians and clinical practice owners. We saw how much they had to do outside of sessions with patients and saw an opportunity to help.
  2. What the team build before Lucy? Lucy was created by former employees of Wealthsimple where we worked to increase access to the best financial tools to the 2 million everyday Canadians who trusted us with their savings.
  3. How can I ask questions? Reach Notes By Lucy via email at or use the button below.
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